2014 ATD Detroit Chapter Mentoring Program Mission

To foster the sharing of knowledge, experience, and support through a facilitated mentoring program at no cost to the participants.

ATD Detroit Chapter Mentoring Program Goals

  1. Establish and manage a six-month program that allows participants to meet in a one-on-one relationship with another ATD Detroit Chapter member for the purpose of creating a meaningful relationship that supports learning, growth, and career-goal realization.
  2. Provide ATD Detroit Chapter members with an opportunity for personal and professional development that will support them in achieving their career goals.
  3. Provide the structure and resources to assist individual participants.
  4. Bring value to the ATD Detroit Chapter members and the Learning and Development community at large.

How the Program Works

  1. Applicants for the roles of Mentor and Mentee complete a questionnaire downloaded from the Mentoring Program page on the ATD Detroit Chapter website. This application includes questions about their background, career focus and goals. For participating in the program, a copy of their resume, and a document of additional information that is outlined in the application is required as well.
  2. The Mentoring Committee matches the Mentors and Mentees based on:
    • Career goals and interests
    • Desired accomplishments and/or learning from your mentoring relationship
    • Availability of compatible mentors
  3. Applicants are notified of their acceptance status via email shortly after the submission deadline.
  4. Participants accepted into the program receive a handbook.
  5. A kickoff meeting is held to introduce the Mentors and Mentees. During this initial meeting, the Mentors andMentees schedule their first meeting and establish the frequency and goals of their meetings.
  6. A mid-point event is held to provide best-practice sharing as well as networking opportunities.
  7. A wrap-up session is held to complete the program.

The ATD Detroit Chapter Mentoring committee is a resource for participants, providing support and a framework for the Mentor/Mentee relationship.

Pairs are encouraged to have at least one meeting a month, whether in person, via phone or video conference. It is the Mentee's responsibility to initiate and schedule all meetings with the Mentor. Mentors are asked to commit one (1) hour per month.

Participants in the program must be members of ATD Detroit Chapter. Student memberships are $20 for one year, New Members pay $99, and returning Members pay $75.

Watch for the applications for the 2015 program in December.


Email : admin@detroitatd.org

Address: 2206 Village West South, Lapeer, MI 48446

Phone : 248-814-7151  ext. 5



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