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ATD Detroit can help you reach a targeted audience of talent in the Detroit area. We offer the opportunity to post your open position(s) to our website for 30 days (see rates below). Training industry professionals seeking new opportunities, both chapter members and non-members, will have access to our postings.

What a better way to reach training industry professionals without busting your recruiting budget!

To post your position, email the requested detail listed below: 

Position Title

Company name (Optional)

Job highlights (Plus: attach job description if available)

Required qualifications

Geographic location of position

Contact name

How to apply

Closing date (if earlier than 30 days)

Rates per position

Multiple months can be purchased at the same time


Non-member organizations - $100 for 30 days

Member organizations - Free!! 

Targeted recruiting and one of the best advertising rates in Michigan – The ATD Detroit web site!


Current job postings

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