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ATD Talent Development Capability Model

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The national ATD organization has created models of the talent development profession as it evolved for more than 40 years. Based on studies of the forces that influence the field and research about the knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors required of its professionals, the successive models have defined and advanced the profession. As the industry evolves, so must we as professionals. The Talent Development Capability Model, released in 2019, is the next step in this industrial and professional development modeling. It replaces the present-focused ATD Competency Model to provide a future-facing approach to your improvement within our field.

Watch the special webcast - Unleash Your Potential with with the ATD Talent Development Capability Model - to get all the information you need to understand the model and how it works for you! 

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What does this mean for you?

The Talent Development Capability Model is what practitioners needs to KNOW and DO to develop themselves, others, and their organizations.

The new Capability Model is your blueprint for impact. It sets a new standard for the field. This future-oriented model can be personalized. It responds to those trends affecting talent development, such as digital transformation, data analytics, information availability, and partnerships between talent development and business.

Learn more about the Model at

Take the Self-Assessment and Start Your Learning Path

Everyone, regardless of whether you hold a national ATD membership, can sign up for an account at that will allow you to complete a self-assessment of each capability area. Find out how you rate your own development and progress in each area, and then identify the capabilities you feel are important for improvement. You can then craft a learning path on the site to discover materials, events, and other opportunities to develop those chosen areas.

Take the Self-Assessment free today! If you are a ATD National Member, log in with your national membership credentials. Non-members can register for a free account on the website, or click here to learn more about the benefits of being a Power member (national and chapter membership holders).

The Model's Role in ATD Detroit Programming

ATD Detroit strives to ensure that all chapter programs support your development in at least one capability on the Model. Most activities and events will provide you will opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills in several capabilities. Look for the Capability Model logo like the one below on our event registration pages to see the targeted capability areas.


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